Welcome to Swim Emporium

Established in 1997, Swim Emporium caters to the needs of competitive, club, school, master and junior swimmers across the country.

Swim Emporium stocks:

  • TYR, ARENA, SPEEDO, FINIS, YING FA and SPURT swimwear and accessories.
  • Chlorine-resistant training costumes and jammers.
  • Two-piece work out bikinis.
  • Lycra racing costumes and jammers.
  • Performance suits.
  • Swimming costumes for juniors aged two and up.
  • Club and school swimming costumes, tracksuits, towels, shirts, shorts and kitbags in club or school colours.
  • Club and school swimming caps.
  • Goggles, swimming caps, nose clips, earplugs, mesh bags, backpacks, hand and finger paddles, kickboards, pull buoys, short fins, zoomers, snorkels, stop watches, fun caps, stretch cords, lap trackers, tempo trainers and underwater MP3 players.
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